Dear Patient, we would like to make you happy!

No matter which job for you has to be produced, your satisfaction is our measuring stick. No matter whether you have private or government insurance.

Our services go far beyond the usual. Have a look at our patients’ gallery and inform yourselves about our individual program for discerning clients.

What you can expect from us

  • Expert competence through ongoing continuing education
  • Employment of the most modern techniques, e.g.,implants, complete ceramics, total prostheses pursuant to Prof. Gutowski, Cad-Cam and ceramic veneers
    Employment of the most modern materials
  • Individual consultation, shade guide selection, analysis of the oral environment and digital photo status are only some of the things, which accompany you on the way to a more beautiful smile
  • Individual technical dental care before, during and after treatment guarantee teamwork and through that a perfect end result
  • Our ongoing continuing education courses and activities have made it possible for us to work out a philosophy, in which the patient is at the center and receives natural-looking dentures
  • This functions at best through the presence of the patient in our laboratory

Exactly that makes the difference between a crown off the rack and an individually
made denture

Technical terms explained


  • Thin-skinned, transparent ceramic shell for teeth
  • With a special adhesive put on to the surface of the tooth – especially with front teeth
  • Corrections of slight tooth malpositions, gaps in the teeth, unsatisfactory tooth colors and local discolorations
  • Visible tooth surfaces get optimized appearance

Veneer Non-Prep (without preparation)

  • Veneers with the thickness of contact lenses (about 0.2 mm)
  • Can be put directly onto the tooth substance and without previous abrasion
  • Hence one’s own teeth remain completely preserved

Implants (lFrom the Latin: in- ‚into’ and plantare, to plant)

  • A tooth implant is an artificial tooth root
  • It is implanted into the jawbone, in order to replace missing teeth
  • Has the same function as one’s own tooth roots
  • Grows together with the bone
  • Supports dentures, e.g., individual crowns, bridges, or it can securely anchor removable dentures

Zirconium dioxide (heavy duty ceramics) – the white gold

  • Frames of zirconium, which are veneered with dental ceramics
  • Hardly recognizable as dentures, since because of transparent properties and white color are very similar to a natural tooth
  • Mechanically and chemically very stable, aesthetically pleasing and very compatible (biocompatible)
  • Little sediment from dental plaque because of an extremely smooth surface
  • Transition from tooth to gingiva like with natural teeth
  • Little thermal conductivity – sensation of warm/cold is like with natural teeth
  • Genuine (economical) alternative to classical accommodations out of porcelain fused to metal, that is, gold alloys or non-precious metal alloys
  • Allergic reactions are not know at this time

Alloy of porcelain fused to metal

  • A metal frame, which is blended with dental porcelain
  • One of the oldest and tried-and-true methods (over 50 years of documented experience)
  • A combination of metal and porcelain – extremely resistant and solid combination of materials, through which great longevity
  • For the transition from an artificial tooth to natural hard tooth structure a so-called baked ceramic shoulder must be made
  • Only then can an aesthetically pleasing result be achieved